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Facing Up To Plan D

I am doing something today that I have been resisting for a ridiculously long time now. For ages I have felt like I need to be writing more stuff down and sending it into the world but I haven’t wanted to. When I share things that are happening inside me, I want it to be positive and hopeful and for it to make sense to me and the people who might want to read it. I want it to be a bit pretty and polished and to leave people feeling better about life and not worse.
So because I’ve been in a fairly bad place internally for the last couple of years, I have been waiting for this stage to pass so that I could write about it with wisdom and hope and all the answers of how I got out of that place into something better. And I’ve waited and waited and all the time I’ve felt this strong sense that I was supposed to be writing anyway. I kept reading things and listening to messages that were prompting me to get the words out and my response this whole time has been, “Okay, yes, I definitely will,…

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